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The Ninja Collab The Ninja Collab

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Will you ever learn?

I've been there from the beginning 'till the end: from when you stole the idea from Bertn and started your own collab, 'till you resubmitted thise for the second time.
I have nothing against the idea-issue, since that was solved ages ago, therefor, I'm going to give you a review about this collab only.

You had a great concept, an original idea, and I'll be honest: you did a very well job administrating and leading the collab. Yet, I'm very dissapointed to see how unfinished this looks. In offensive words: it is horrible.

Everyone can make mistakes, fine, but making them twice in a row is different thing. I'd suggest you try and upload your finished flash first, before submitting, as this was yet another failed attempt. I don't know if your computer is different than many other of us, but in my case, the music didn't loop. It stopped at a certain point and then I had to watch the whole collab without music. Quite frustrating. Not many people had voice, but those who had, had quite a bad quality. Sound: Horrible

You had some really impressive parts, especially Honto and Nukyew2's first part. In this case, the collab has a big contrast between good and bad. Either the part was very good, either it sucked. Yes, literally, sucked. You can't let an amateur animate and expect to get a good score. This is a bit what happened: the collab got filled with brilliant parts, while at the end, you just allowed some random people without judging them and you ended up with some very bad parts. It gives a nice contrast, -and I did enjoy the good parts-, so Graphics: Decently good.

Look, I think you did a great job leading this collab and you made a wonderful result, but it's just not finished yet. You need to learn and upload/test your flash before submitting, you just can't afford such problems to be happening. Same thing as in a play: you may not ever forget the script, else you fail.

I enjoyed the FbF, I enjoyed the original ideas, I enjoyed the good teamwork of the collab.
I disliked the sound, the little effort at the end and the hopeless parts.

I think you've made a good throw, but you just aren't there yet.

Superawesomeness responds:

This is the last time i'm gonna say this, I DID NOT STEAL THE IDEA. I saw his collab, and I got the idea from it. How was I to know that he was planning on making a Ninja Collab? I'm not psychic, sorry.

I did not expect this to get a good score. I wasn't planning on letting this collab go on for so long. This should have been submitted months ago. I submitted this twice to fix the playing problem. Would you rather watch the version that didn't play at all?

The Pirate Collab The Pirate Collab

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Frontpage Material!


This will hit frontpage, and probably a daily!

Great job, every one of you, it was an honor to see all guys work so hard on this, especially you Bertn, and even thought my part failed, I still am happy to had known you guys!

Great show! Keep it up!

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Bertn responds:

Thanks for this review Zerobeam and yea, I kind for missed your part. ):

Everybody Jam! Everybody Jam!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Thank you.

May He Rest In Eternal Peace, As He Has Been A Great Inspiration For Everybody.

Thank you for this movie.

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ActiveObjectX responds:

Glad you enjoyed it.

: )

crossroads in the sky crossroads in the sky

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

What's the song?

Great movie!

But what's the song playing?

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Dreamboarding Dreamboarding

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Little summary:

The mix between stop-motion and FbF was something I've never experienced before. You did not only prove that those two fit well, but in fact, you've created a whole new style. The music was well fitting, though I think there was a little delay at the end: I would've liked it better if the music went to it's 'hard-moment' when the board cracked, this would've brought an even better shock. Though overall, the music was well fitting. I'm really glad you can actually see you enjoy skating thanks to this flash.

As for your exam... I think you should wait before you see the others of your class, there is no need to worry about it now. I'm quite sure most used the traditional 'line-FBF', if you know what I mean. While this is also abstract, it's overdone. Your flash however, as titles Dreamboarding, is dream-ish. Dreams are abstract, last time I checked... ;) I think you'll be just fine, good luck with your exams, and of course, I hope to see more of you.


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mraw responds:

Yeah the music was supposed to sync with the board snap but the music wasnt on stream, ive changed it now.
I agree with you, the 'single line' fbf stuff is waay overdone, I had to fill out the length and join some scenes together though :D
Glad you enjoyed it overall,
Cheers for the review!

Happy Censorship Day! Happy Censorship Day!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This rocks! <3

I love it. ^_^

It's really funny AND it's made for my friend Bertn! ;D

Keep going Bahamut and HEIL CENSORSHIP DAY! :3

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Murray responds:

Bertn censors too trucking much. :P

Snowy Planet Snowy Planet

Rated 0 / 5 stars


Big piece of crap mainly, the only think i liked was the music, but it was just randomly taken, so i suppose i wouldn't judge it.

If you post this, then at least make some descent graphics on the guy, if it was a frame-by-frame animation, i would've liked it in that style, but it's just a movie clip moving up & down...

I really didn't like this.

CriTiaS-CreaTionS responds:

And I really don't like YOU.. what do you have to say to that eh?

Mario and eggbert Mario and eggbert

Rated 1 / 5 stars

It's just bad

The sprites are very badly ripped, the frate rate is very annoying at some points, the humor would've been good if it was actually good, and the music is very bad synced with the movie (at one moment, it just suddenly stops...).

You get my point: this is not worth going through and you should practice much more on it before submitting.

Watch the things i just said, and next time you'll be fine, cause i know you spend time on it!

Tempia Episode1 Tempia Episode1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice for a first flash

It was a nice job for a first flash. And not to mention i normally don't like sprite movies. I did remind me about .hack for some reason, that whole realistic VR world thing, and with that 'hacker'. Nice story. But i think that you might want to improve that 'go further' button in the dialog (?) window. Oh, and the sound was good too. One of the first movies like these i saw with some different music instead of just one the same. Il be expecting the next one =)

blue project blue project

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not original my ass!

Yeah, it was'n original, but so what! It was great. As many of this kind are. Your quiet good at making this movies now just proof yourself at another type. I think it's sumple to make such kind of movie, yet it requirs time and patients. Good work, just try to be more original.

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