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Lochie's Song :'O Lochie's Song :'O

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Beautiful masterpiece here, matey :)
Makes me want to repair my ol' MIDI keyboard and start playing again. :')

Lochie, we all love you man.
Thanks for the great song for him.
Awesome sound :)

WritersBlock responds:

<3 u Lochie.

Rig - Lochieloop Rig - Lochieloop

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Who doesn't love him!
Praise Lochie! :D

Nice loop, you sick bastard :D

Rig responds:

Thanks, you healthy fellow!

Mastermind: World Conqueror #3 Mastermind: World Conqueror #3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good show!

I am impressed by your music skills ;)
I've sended you a mail years ago, when blockhead 1 just came out, to ask what program you used to make music.
Now, I've already bought FL Studio, and made various songs!
So thanks for that.

About the song, it is a real good soundscape. It really gives a good, blurry-dark atmosphere. The use of the nice pads is really wonderful! I've been tring to get a hold of a few good synths, but mostly failed... Oh well, i'll keep trying!

Also, did you had music lessons, if so, for how long? It's just out of plain interest ;) I've been playing piano for almost 5 years now, so I like to meet up with fellow musicians as well! :)
Oh, and mind telling me how you've started? Did you start with plain tutorials and exploring yourself, or did you do anything else?

Haha, I'm sorry I went off-topic here, it's a wonderful soundscape and you should really be proud of your talents; as well in art and animation, as in music!

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i was bored i was bored

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I got bored...

I think it's better to leave these works for personal use, instead of submitting. It could maybe fit somekind of scene.

I don't know if you took this serious, if so, then try to work on your beat. The whole piece is quite out-of-sync right now. It's simple, I won't go and shit about that, everybody has his style, but I think you and I both know this isn't good.

Keep practicing, and submitting :)

Jericho Jericho

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Watch your tempo ;)

The beat of the background loop, and the actually melody of what sounds like a synth/piano aren't synced together. It sounds like the one is playing a totally different kind of song...

Perhaps use a metronome to stay with the beat.

You could also use more echo on the melody.

And of course, perhaps some variation in the bass?

Smidly responds:

I agree with you, however I thought that this was supposed to be more like backround music that didn;t really have a melody. Just there to creep you out.

I'll try harder next time.

Shameful Innocence Shameful Innocence

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I love improvisation, as not many people can really improvise well, and still express so much emotions.

This song is a nice example of real emotion put into music.

In my opinion, the sound quality doesn't matter, as long as you have the feeling, which you certainly do!

Very well job.
Keep on rocking ;)

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Kiddmeizter responds:

Thank you! :D
there is a lot of emotion behind this song, Definitely.

piano king piano king

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice

Was this made in FL Studio, or are you using anything else?

It was really good, good temp, the changing of the different parts (if you know what I mean) could've been done a bit faster, without too much pause.

Overall, very nice!

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gallenguy responds:

it was mostly done in fl studio.
and thanks for the comment:)

4 AM 4 AM

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well done!

Good job ;)
I don't think it really needs that much remastering now... It's fine as it is, just yes, I don't think the singer fits.
It's kinda hard to explain... Ska is really happy music, but I think the singer would better go to a punk-rock band... He doesn't really have this 'happy' voice, it's not that he can't sing or anything, but I'd put much more enthusiasm. Of course, I'm not a proffesional singer, I didn't even get vocal-coaching, but I can sing with my heart and in tune (hehe, at least I hope... )

Anyway, consider telling the singer to be more happy, but it's awesome right now! My fav still remains Burning Bridges, but keep going, keep ska'ing!

HyruleanHyroe responds:

Well thanks Zero! No worries about our singer lightening up, he's been getting pretty goofy. We've all loosened up, and it's a blast! Vocals aren't recorded yet, but once they are, hopefully they will be to your liking. :D

I Burn Bridges I Burn Bridges

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome job!

As a musician myself, people and bands like you really inspire me. It's not just the 'ska' style in the music, but especially the fresh melody you've put into it, mixing that with a good amount of singing, that brings us the beautiful sound!

I'd maybe consider a little remaster, as yeah, some parts were kinda... well, strange, but hey, you're not a proffesional commercial band afterall, you're just a band who play for fun, as it should be!

Thanks for making my day with this song ;)

HyruleanHyroe responds:

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

Thanks for the kind words! For sure, we do it all for the fun of it (we couldn't get paid even if that WAS why we played), and inspiring people is a big part of that. Keep listening, and keep skankin'!

23 Tears 23 Tears

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very calming music!

I really appreciate piano works, just like this one. It's relaxing and very free... just like you're floating...

I cannot describe it in any better way, but I guess that's what music is good for:... It can name the unnameble, and communicate the unknowable.

I myself am just a normal pianist. I do not have the gift of making people smile, letting them relax in such ways as you do. Then again, life is there to learn, and so am I doing now. If you would be so kind to tell, is this digital or acoustic? Cause the extra instruments really make it sound well!

I hope you can help me a little in my learning process, and of course, continue to make this lovely, heart-touching music!

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Bosa responds:

I wrote this piece with Sibelius 5, a sheet music program. I then printed it out in case I wanted to play this live at a show or something, and I then continued to run it through Steinway's Grand Piano. This is what came out. So in good words, it is digital. I would also love to help you out in music, you just have to come around and ask!