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Entry #6

The Newgrounds Level Collab

2008-11-30 13:39:22 by Zerobeam

Y'hello mateys!

The battle of the mighty levels is on!
Click here and join in!

Only a few parts remaining, get them while their open!

Here's the official partlist:

Part list:

Part 1
Author: K-Guare

Part 2
Author: ---

Part 3
Author: funkycaveman

Part 4
Author: P1raten

Part 5
Author: Gamerblade

Part 6
Author: Simple-line

Part 7
Author: ---

Part 8
Author: Trickee

Part 9
Author: WAaAzZAaA

Part 10
Author: Whirlguy

Part 11
Author: ---

Part 12
Author: ---

Part 13
Author: HeavyDNY86

Part 14
Author: ---

Part 15
Author: evan210

Part 16
Author: AAF

Part 17
Author: WAaAzZAaA

Part 18
Author: K-Guare

Part 19
Author: Lennaerd

Part 20
Author: The Golden Monk

Part 21
Author: Noxx11

Part 22
Author: Tman93

Part 23
Author: zrb

Part 24
Author: NogginmenAnimations

Part 25
Author: ShortMonkey

Part 26
Author: 51lver

Part 27
Author: Mattster092

Part 28
Author: 51lver

Part 29
Author: Hiyoko

Part 30
Author: TehSlapHappy

Join and enjoy! :D


Join me on Skype: Zerobeam
Or on MSN:

Y'know you'd love it :)


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2008-11-30 13:41:42

Hey! I'm Mattster09<ins>2</ins>

I would like Part 27. Mattster093 quit.

Can you fix my name please ^_^

Zerobeam responds:

Fixed :D


2008-11-30 13:42:09

Dang, codes don't work. So in a summary.
Please fix Mattster092 not Mattster093


2008-11-30 15:01:34

Hey Zero!
Thanks for letting me do part 7!!!
Its gonna really kick ass.

Im kind of ashamed i used sticks....
do you really really REALLY want them in the collab?
or do you want to leave the part open for another artist?

Zerobeam responds:

Told you on MSN :3
It doesn't matter if you use sticks or not, it's the idea and creativity that matters!

Now, go kick some ass ;D


2008-12-10 19:36:00

hi I'm dementedstickfigure. part 2 please. unless you hate my sprites.(THEY ARENT CHOPPY.) pm me if you'll give me the part.


2008-12-11 12:21:38

I also animate stickfigures, still part 2


2008-12-13 18:22:50

I'll take any part


2008-12-15 20:11:41



2008-12-28 12:52:51

Can I do part 29?


2008-12-30 13:00:30



2009-01-07 11:57:30

If clocks are allowed i'll take part 29.


2009-01-11 09:55:41

Sorry Diglet, Zerobeam already decided to let me do part 29.


2009-04-17 21:14:22

Can I make another part?


2009-07-16 10:05:05

So you're on a holiday at the moment? PM me when you're back so I can resend you the .fla (:


2009-08-17 03:44:28

Can I have part 14? I have an idea for a flash that a stick figure submits a horrible flash and gets it blammed and then he kills himself.


2012-11-14 14:58:55

how are you, remember me? you gavce me good advice alwhile ago. and i wanan ythank you for not being an asshole. so. whacha working one?