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Pirate Collab: Start of my part...

2008-04-12 14:53:30 by Zerobeam

Sup guys,

I've officially started working hardcore on the pirate collab. I'm making the MC's right now, which normally should be done around midnight or tomorrow morning.

After that, I'll start animating them, and posting previews of my part.

Here are some pics:
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

Best of luck to all people in the collab,


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2008-04-22 01:44:49

Wow, I really love your art. Really cartoony but still AWESOME!!!!!!


Zerobeam responds:

This means very much to me, thank you.

I am just a beginning artist, my style still changes a lot, but I'm glad you like it as it is now.

Personally, I've always seen you as somekind of idol for me, somebody who I looked up to. Your movies are great, and so are those of your brother. Believe me, it means a lot to be getting such a nice comment from you!

I'm working hard on the collab right now, and I promise you my part will be good! But hey, the most important this is to enjoy, and right now, I'm very happy!