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St1k'sTablet giveaway + Sequel game

2008-04-10 01:37:40 by Zerobeam

Sup guys,

First off, I think I might be making a new game. No, this time it's not going to be any crap like my previou, though it's probably going to be a sequel to Ball Kickup Extreme. I just want to do something here, and since animating with a mouse is kinda hard, except for tweening, I'll just do AS for now.

Speaking of animating, if you haven't heard it yet, St1k is giving away a free tablet to the person who he thinks he deserves most. Well... not actually, since he's going to pick a few guys, and then just draw a random card, but heck...
I can't imagine somebody would do this! This is really generous and kind of him, but I do feel kinda sorry for the others. There are lots of people who need this tablet, who have dreams like becoming an animator, and of course being famous at NG etc. It's just sad that tons of them are going to be disappointed... But hey, I'm not going to get dissapointed. I already thank St1k for being so kind, and I just feel like I don't need the tablet as much as other people want... I want to use it to make my music stronger, so it can really change lifes, not for any fame or job...

Oh, be sure to check out the Pirate collab over at the BBS! You might get a place if you're a good animator and ask Bertn really nice ;)

Good luck to all beginners for the tablet,


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