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Pirate Collab + basic stuff

2008-04-08 20:01:33 by Zerobeam

Sup guys,

Felt like making my page a little more colorful, so here we are, with a news post!

I'm currently collabrating with Bertn and lots of big names on NG to make The Aahhrrr Pirate Collab. You should check out the post in the Flash forums, and be sure to look out for the release date!

Other than that, I'm working on getting myself a tablet, and as usual, making music. I got my MIDI Keystation 49e a few months ago, and I've really been experimenting with different styles and software. While Garageband seems to give me the smoothest effects, FL Studio 7 is a more advanced tool containing lots of plugins (i love those guitar amps!). Other than that, I've also bought a guitar and started out learning by myself. I'm very glad that i've found some nice people over at the Guitarists Club which could help me. Thanks to the whole crew!

For now, keep an eye on Bertn and Co. , the collab is going to be great!



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